Pharmacy  Course

This programme has been designed to meet the specific needs for further development of pharmacy clinical professionals. It is the only BTEC programme offering an academically recognised award in pharmacy clinical services within the UK.

This programme is designed to fit in with your needs, circumstances and your career aspirations by providing education and training through a mixed approach to the learning experience.

You will be working in a clinical environment for pharmacy, in either the NHS or community setting. You will be a registered pharmacy technician (or a technician in Northern Ireland/Ireland).

You will be given access to learning materials and resources via the College’s virtual learning environment. This learning material will provide you with the necessary understanding and skills to complete the assignments. The majority of the course will be delivered as blended learning, without the need for regular attendance at the College.

You will study the following Units:

Core Knowledge and Skills in Clinical Practice:

This Unit aims to equip you with the skills, knowledge base and tools required in areas of clinical operation and patient management, including operational structures, lines of communication, ethical aspects and medicines supply, in order that you can operate as responsible delivers of safe and effective drug therapy.

Patient Monitoring in Clinical Practice:

This Unit aims to equip you with knowledge and understanding relating to diagnostic testing and so interpret the results applying the information in relation to patient drug therapy, enabling you to assist the pharmacist in advising on appropriate medical management.


This Unit aims to equip you with the knowledge and understanding to appreciate core elements of therapeutics in the treatment of common diseases of patients, enabling you in assisting the pharmacist in advising on appropriate medical management.

Pharmacy Practice Management:

This Unit focuses on law and ethics and its application in clinical practice. It also aims to apply management skills and introduce you to quality management by applying standards to work practice involving use of the auditing processes.

Specialist Pharmacy Practice:

This unit enables you to consolidate your learning through practice-based experience and its application in your own area of work. It also enables you to extend your key evaluative and critical skills in submitting an extended assignment and reflective diary.