Sciences Courses

The College of Arts and Sciences, continues to provide undergraduate students with one of the most outstanding liberal arts educational programs in the nation. The programs are delivered by faculty, nearly 90% of whom have the highest available degree in their teaching discipline.

The primary function of the College of Arts and Sciences at University is two-fold. First, the College provides the general education component (the “general college curriculum”) of a liberal arts education to all undergraduate programs of the university. Second, the College provides a large array of undergraduate programs in the traditional arts and sciences disciplines. The major objective of the College of Arts and Sciences is to accomplish these functions in an excellent manner consistent with the Christian mission and purpose of  University.

In the marketplace of higher education, the College of Arts and Sciences is uniquely positioned because of our ability to meld the liberal arts, sciences, and humanities in a community of scholars that sees no conflict between a life of faith and a life of inquiry. Furthermore, the College’s location on a pedestrian campus that includes schools of business, education, divinity, law and pharmacy offers students the opportunity to meet with and learn from undergraduate and graduate students and faculty representing a myriad of disciplines and professions.

Over 50 different academic majors, minors, concentrations, and tracks that enable the University to prepare students for numerous professions are offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. Special programs of distinction in the College of Arts and Sciences include the Honors Program (a unique program of intensive, integrative, interdisciplinary courses and community service)

The College of Arts and Sciences’ influence and reach extend far beyond the University’s main campus. Educational opportunities for non-traditional students are available at prime locations in Eastern North Carolina including the Research Triangle Park, Fort Bragg, Pope Air Force Base and Camp Lejeune. For over twenty-five years, the University has also enjoyed a partnership with Tunku Abdul Rahman College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Through this unique relationship the College of Arts and Sciences provides courses of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree.